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Georg Lurich
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Tourist Service

Packets in Väike-Maarja Tourist Information Centre
Pikk 3 Väike-Maarja Lääne-Virumaa ESTONIA
Ordering packets:

· Ph. +372 32 61625
· Email:

Packets of tourism service: (min. 20 person groups)

 A trip on the tracks of occupation times
(The duration of the trip is 4 - 4,5 hours)
Full length overview

1. In the Väike-Maarja Museum:

· Deportation of Estonians.
· Visit the exposition Deportation - Personal Family Stories
· Collective Farms - a Way of Life. A comprehensive history of the Väike-Maarja Collective Farm
2. In the forest brothers´tracks
· Tour the hidden bunker in the forest.
· Talk to a "Forest Brother" Mihkel at the bunker of Martin Tamm.
· The forest brother´s Meal.
3. In the Rohu Base.
· Guided tour: The Cold War Danger
· Life at the missile base, missile hangers, starting places.
4. At Lebavere battlefield
· The Battle in the Woods.

Legth of the trip: 30 km, 4-4,5 hours.
Trips all the year round (except in the winter when the snow is think)

Adult 6 eur, students 5 eur
Väike-Maarja Museum.  A Walk through Väike-Maarja
Full length overview

1. Väike-Maarja Museum and Tourist Information Centre.
2. Väike-Maarja Rescue School.
3. Monument of Freedom. Mother-Tongue Park . Main building of Väike-Maarja Pastorate.    
4. The Väike-Maarja Church, the German chapel  and the Land Chapel. The burial sites of Paul Theodor von Krusenstern and  Otto Paul von Krusenstern. Burial site of the Lurich family.
5. Väike-Maarja Municipal Office  and Gross’s Food Store .
6. The House of the primary stage of Väike-Maarja Gymnasium (Secondary School).
7. The old cementery:  the graves of Jakob Tamm, of Peeter Jakobson, of Johan Elken, the graves of mother and sister to Kersti Merilaas.The grave of Johan Kotli
8. The monument "Departure - Bereaved Mother" of Kaljo Reitel.
9. The parish clerk house. Johan Kotli. Architect Alar Kotli.
10. Kotli House and new Kotli House.
11. Georg’s Shop House, Georg Lurich´ birth-place. Lurich House.
12. Police House, the former Vao Municipal Office.
13. Väike-Maarja Social Care and Health Centre House. The local Social Home,
14. Väike-Maarja Kindergarten House,  library and public internet access point.
15. Jakob Liiv Park,  Mother-Tongue Park .
16. Väike-Maarja Vocational School.
17. Väike-Maarja Gymnasium (Secondary School)
18. Väike-Maarja Public House.
19. Memorial stone to Georg Lurich.
20. Märt Meos House.

One long day in Väike-Maarja area
For families, students, adults.
The duration of the trip is 8  hours, by bus 60 km, 1km by foot.

1. Väike-Maarja Museum - local history.

2. On the Forest Brothers' tracks.
· Meeting with a "Forest Brother" Mihkel at the bunker of Martin Tamm. A Forest Brother's meal and memoir.
3. Soviet occupation, Rohu missile base.
· Life at the missile base, missile hangers, starting places.
4. Ebavere Hill - a sacred hill of ancient Estonians.
· Mounting the hill, legends.
5. Admiral Johan Pitka and his farmplace in Ebavere.
6. Vao Stronghold Tower - vassal's permanent living quarters in the Middle Ages.
· The history of the Vao Estate and Vao Tower.
7. Kiltsi Castle.
· The Krusensterns' memorial room.
8. The beautiful Äntu Lakes with clear greenish-blue water.
A walk around the biggest lakes.
In the footsteps of literature and art in the region of Väike-Maarja
For families, students, adults.
The duration of the trip is 7  hours, 50 km by bus, 2 km on foot.
1. Väike-Maarja Museum
· Leading writers of Väike-Maarja: Jakob Liiv, Peeter Jakobson, Kaarel Krimm, Mihkel Kampmaa, Jakob Tamm, Otto Münther
· Literati who have studied at Väike-Maarja: Anton Hansen Tammsaare, Voldemar Rosenstrauch, Kersti Merilaas, Osvald Tooming, Aleksander Suuman; composer Tuudur Vettik
Artists who have studied or lived at Väike-Maarja: Karl Krahe, Feliks Randel, Ants Viidalepp, Georgi Markelov
2. Sights
· Column of Liberty – a new column carved out in 1991 after the example of the original column of 1925; in the park of the pastorate
· Church – an architectural memorial dating back to the 14th century; "Maarja sünd" (Birth of Mary) - a poem by Erich Meerja
· Old Cemetery – a monument to Jakob Tamm; marked grave of Peeter Jakobson; monumental sculpture "Lahku­mine" (Leaving) by Kaljo Reitel
· Jakob Liiv's Park together with a monument to the writer
· Building of the Väike-Maarja Study Centre – a beautiful example of contemporary architecture
· Väike-Maarja Community House – built in Jugend Style at the beginning of the 20th century; the largest rural clubhouse of its time
3. Ebavere Hill
· Hiiemägi (Sacred Grove Hill).
· Legends – written down by Jakob Tamm, Jakob Liiv, Erich Meerja and Eduard Leppik
4. Vao Manor
· Tower Fortress – a knights' residence;
· Manor architecture dating back to the Middle Ages and the 18th to 19th centuries
· Picnic-lunch in the tower
5. Kiltsi Manor
· Graphic sheets depicting Adam Johann von Kru­sen­st­ern's around-the-world journey are displayed on the walls of the castle
· Kiltsi manor – childhood home of Kersti Merilaas
6. Varangu Manor
· Main building, granary and stable-coach house in the early classicistic style arranged symmetrically around the square in front of the manor.
· Varangu manor – childhood home of the graphic artist Eduard Viiralt
7. Pudivere Manor
· Memorial stone at the birth place of Eduard Vilde
8. Uniküla
· Memorial stone at the birth place of the composer and conductor Tuudur Vettik
9. Avispea
· Church – built by the local community.
· Former Avispea School – Jakob Liiv's first work place in Väike-Maarja parish.
· Jakob Liiv and Juhan Liiv. The love story of Juhan Liiv and Liisa Golding.

Tour of estates in Pandivereland in South-Virumaa
For families, students, adults.
The duration of the trip is 9  hours, 130 km by bus.
Full length overview

1. Porkuni

· The history and legends of the estate
· Liminstone museum in the gate-tower of the stronghold
2. Väike-Maarja
· The church and the churchyard
· The history and legend of the church
· The burial-sites of the Krusensterns and the Lurichs in the churchyard
3. Vao Stronghold Tower-Museum
· The history of the Vao Tower and the estate
· Von Rennenkampffs
4. The manor-house of Kiltsi and the Admiral`s Room
· The history and legends of the estate
· The explores von Krusensterns
5. Varangu
· The history of the estate
· The estate of Varangu - the childhood home of the graphic artist Eduard Wiiralt
6. Simuna church and churchyard.
· The history of the church.
· The burial place of the C. T. von Neff.
7. Muuga
· The history of the estate
· Carl Timeleon von Neff - the founder of the manor, an artist, a professor of St. Petersburg Art Academy
· Lunch in Aartika Puhkeküla (Vinni community, Kulina village)
8. Lasila
· The history of the estate.
· The famous natural scientist Karl Ernst von Baer used to spend his childhood there at his uncle's.

Äntu-Nõmme nature trail
For families, students, adults
I version -  The 13 km long old trail, duration 6 hours, afoot.
II version - The 21 km long trail, duration 6 hours.
III version - The 8 + 3 km long trail, duration 7 + 2 hours, on foot and by bike, (1,5 km passage off-bike, 6,5 km by bike, 3 km on foot on the beaver path).
Full length overview

Hiking Trail of Ebavere
For families, students, adults  
5 km, duration 2 hours, afoot, by bike.
Full length overview

5 km (and 3 km)

Is situated in Ebavere Landscape Reserve, 3 km from Väike-Maarja in the direction of Tartu. Passable on foot or by bike. Heads for the Hilltop of Ebavere, from there to the south and round Ebavere Hill. There are 12 information boards along the trail presenting 48 plants, bushes, birds and other animals you can actually find in Ebavere. Try to find them in the nature.

The hiking trail of Simuna
For families, students, adults (20 persons).
Lengh 5 km, duration 2 hours, afoot.
Full length overview

5 km

Situated south of Simuna School, church and spring. Starts behind Simuna School near the former rubbish dump. The trail goes through mixed, pine, fir and birch forest. You can find different plants under the trees, hug a thick poplar tree, get acquainted with people from Pokuland, see former peat pits and meet wild birds and animals. There is an exciting beaver path near Mällo reservoir. You can pass the trail vice versa: start at the spring and finish behind the schoolhouse.

Canoeing trips along the Rivers Pedja or Põltsamaa
Full length overview