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Eesti Vabariik 100
Georg Lurich
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Memorial stone for Eduard Vilde in his birthplace in Pudivere. Memorial stone for Tuudur Vettik in his home in Uniküla.
Memorial stone for Kaarel Kasesalu, who was killed in Lebavere battle on 8 September 1941. Find Forest Brothers' bunker! German tourists hiking with their hosts.
"Forest Brother's meal" style picnic. Forest Brother's tales...
...and meal in bunker. "Forest Brother" Mihkel.
Mrs Elsbeth Vonderwetten Mr. Gernot Vonderwetten
In front of missile hangar... ... and going to service hangar.
Missile launch site. Information board on Rohu base.
The von Krusensterns burial ground in church yard. The Lurichs burial ground in church yard.
Wooden sculptures in Kaarli Farm (owned by Mart Lepik). "After..." by E. Konsa.
"Three-dimentional buds" by S. Obsborne. Beginning of Ebavere trails.
Admiral Johan Pitka's house was here. Hiking trails at lakeshores of magnificent Sinijärv...
...and mysterious Umbjärv. Carrying brushwood cut during campaign in Punamägi...
...and firewood to Sinijärv camping site. Rest area for hikers in Punamägi.
Hikers on newly built "bridge" crossing Nõmme River on foothills of Punamägi. Wooden nature trails near Lake Mäetaguse...
...across wetlands of Kaanjärv... ...and on shores of Lake Kaanjärv.
Järveoja Stream connects five Äntu Lakes. Nõmme River, "second beginning" of Põltsamaa River.
Camp site at Lake Sinijärv is ready for hikers... ...and here they are.
Walk in nature on Äntu-Nõmme educational hiking trail can start. Hikers at Lake Kaanjärv... Lake Umbjärv... Lake Linaleo...
... in Punamägi... ...and having a picnic in the cabin at Lake Sinijärv.
Snowy Forest Brothers` track "Forest Brother" Mihkel has been found in his bunker Forest Brother`s meal and stories in a glade
You have reached Rohu Missile Base In front of a missile hangar
Have a look at a servicing hangar A suitable vehicle for a snowy forest trip. This vehicle is a 4-wheeled motor-cycle