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Georg Lurich
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The Days of Pandivere

This tradition started during the period of national awakening in 1988 when the name Pandivere sounded as a symbol to all Estonians. A symbol of our continuous existence in our own country. Then the Days of Pandivere were the sign of the self-being and self-doing of our nation. Now these days help to keep the cultural consistency of the native place, offer people an opportunity to enjoy themselves and have developed to the biggest festival of the locality that takes place in the beginning of every summer.

The initiator of the Days of Pandivere was Mati Lukas who was the director of Väike-Maarja High School at that time. A circle of active people gathered around him, they thought themselves and made the others think about our national identity, our homes, our roots, our culture, about the protection of the nature of the locality. The people liked their ideas and so the tradition started. In the spring of 2002 we are going to celebrate the 15th Days of Pandivere already.

Every year the festival has a specific motto. So far it has been dedicated to the protection of nature, to children and to elderly, to local celebrities and cultural figures, to the native place, to different organisations, to self-acting, to village life, to friendship and friends.

The Days of Pandivere always start with a big parade in which all the partitions take part. There are also a lot of concerts given by different hobby groups. In addition to all that there's something interesting going on for every age group:
- meeting of the parish council and the parish administration with the parish people
- a fair
- different competitions for kids and grown-ups
- a competition in sidewalk drawing
- home-brewed beer competition
- exhibitions
- cafes
- a dance party
- horseback riding for kids etc.
The Days of Pandivere are also connected with a bike race. Every year there's always something special going on: a swinging demonstration, demonstration of the old fire fighting technique of Oisu, a flying machine, blacksmiths, basket makers, face painting, push ball competitions, OTTO-TRIIN and other interesting guests.

In 2001 the organisers of the festival started a tradition of village conferences. These conferences give the people of the village and the parish administrators an opportunity to together look back to the history of the village, to its development so far and also to discuss the possibilities of the development in the future. The first conferences were held in Triigi and Nõmme villages.

Very often there are visitors taking part in the festival from our friendship municipalities in other countries - from Hausjärvi and Sonkajärvi (Finland), Tommerup (Denmark), Sirdali (Norway) - and also from Kaarma Municipality in Saaremaa.