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The Arms of Väike-Maarja Municipality

The shield has divided into four areas; two upper areas are shaped as squares. The upper right and lower left area of the shield are blue. The upper left and lower right area are silver. On the right upper area there is a silver image of a water drop.

The Flag of Väike-Maarja Municipality

The flag has the proportions of the Estonian Flag - 7:11 (h:b) but not bigger than the flag of the republic (106x165 cm). The area of the flag has divided into four areas in the way that the upper left area is a square with a side length of 2/5 of the height of the flag. The upper left and lower right areas are blue; the lower left and upper right areas are white. On the upper left area there is a white image of a drop of water.

The blue colour of the arms and the flag is PANTONE 2985 (c - shining, u - mat)

The attribute of the Arms and Flag of the Municipality of Väike-Maarja is a drop of water on blue background. It symbolises the clean water and the specific bond between Väike-Maarja and the protection of the nature and subsoil water.

The Municipality of Väike-Maarja is situated in the middle of the heights of Pandivere. This specific area is very important in forming of the water recourses of the Northern Estonia. There are seven rivers that start here - Valgejõgi, Loobu, Selja, Jägala, Põltsamaa, Pedja and Pärnu. The geological base has got many cracks and breaks and this supports the existence and creation of springs and karst areas. 90% of the rivers beginning here get their water from the springs.

Because of the specific topography the subsoil water has got a very little protection and the environmental problems here are always actual. The drop of water as a symbol gives a sign of the vulnerability of the nature here and of the need to protect it.