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The Public Sport Club of Väike-Maarja Municipality

The Public Sport Club (PSC) of Väike-Maarja Municipality is a non-profit organisation, which organises the sporting life of the municipality. The manager of the PSC is Ants Rikberg. The three basic things the club works on are:

1. Organising the sporting events.
The municipality master's competitions are held in 11 type of games:
In the first six the competitions are held in two rounds. In addition to the municipality master's competitions the PSC also organises the sporting competitions of the days of Pandivere every spring, organises the Pandivere biking competition, helps with the Georg Lurich's annual spring running competition and with the weight lifting competition "Georgi Kange". They also help to organise the Estonian master's competitions etc.

2. Taking the municipality teams to summer and winter competitions between different municipalities.
During the last years the municipality of Väike-Maarja has regularly taken part in both winter and summer competitions held between the teams from different municipalities. Our municipality's athletes' results are usually somewhere around the 10th place.

3. "Exercise to be healthy!"
This program started last year. The purpose of this public sporting program is to give to as many different social groups as possible the opportunity to be physically active. There are well taken care of running, skiing and hiking routes on Ebavere Hill, they are covered with the sawdust and 1,5 km of these routes are lighted.